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 An actual Legitimate Recruitment.

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An actual Legitimate Recruitment. Empty
PostSubject: An actual Legitimate Recruitment.   An actual Legitimate Recruitment. EmptyFri Dec 29, 2017 7:22 pm

Name: Jake Chapman (PwnFace01)

Age; 15

Sex: Male

How often exactly: yes

Where do you live: United States, East Coast.

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic: Yes, a good mic at that.

Why do you want to join ZF: Well, unlike all the fanboys and fanistas of "soviet" and "cyanide" I'm actually here because I need a group of people to play with. I'm new to PC, and have heard mostly good things, and I think I would make a great fit.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: uhhh yeah I think so lemme go ask my nan

(I'm an international league air rifleman)

she said "yea"
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An actual Legitimate Recruitment.
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