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 My names Jonah and would like to join ZF

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PostSubject: My names Jonah and would like to join ZF   Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:17 pm

Hi my name is Jonah Pearce i'm 14 male, and am living in Canada Newfoundland, I'm on every day if not i'm gone somewhere. I do have team speak and a mic but not a very good one i am saving up for a good mic. I want to join ZF after i heard it was a nice and good group/clan that has a personality unlike others, and also saw the clan from a Youtuber named Soviet Womble and been watching for around a year and saw some of the personality of people from in the group and seems like a nice and enjoyable group/clan to be in. And i'm so BADASS i put the MILK IN BEFORE THE CEREAL!
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My names Jonah and would like to join ZF
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