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 ZF Recruitment

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PostSubject: ZF Recruitment    ZF Recruitment  EmptyFri Sep 22, 2017 11:05 pm

Name: Ahmad

Age: 18

Sex: male

How often exactly: I have time anytime Wink

Where do you live: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic: Yes and yes.

Why do you want to join ZF: First time I saw your Clan member SovietWomble's video's I new that your clan had consisted of only the coolest lovable people I had ever seen. Not too long ago I used to have a group where I felt the exact same way for them, but as time passed they left and it was due to someone in the group who I later figured out was just ignorant and selfish. Even though I knew about this she was the last person I could hold on to and consider as a friend, friends outside of the internet I weren't able to hangout with due to religious restrictions and as for being able to hangout with someone else like a cousin, I never had that kind of privilege since they had always left me and my brother out of their plans with one of my "best friend". It went on for years up until I was 14 did I realize that they would never change so from then on I pushed them out of my life and was pretty much alone. Summer of 2015 was when I met my group and it was what I thought to be the greatest part of my life, but as I mentioned above all of it was taken from me. Just recently I removed that person off of everything because I know that she had no interest in me as a friend. Now I come to you guys because I truly do believe that I deserve a friendship of your clans caliber. And of course there is the fact that I would love to be in such a diverse clan such as yours and thought I should add my own ethnicity to the clan Wink.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: Who am I as a person? I am kind, and considerate to my friends. I tend to be stubborn at times and do tend to pick on people, but people see it as me only doing it cause im rude and just love to bully people, but that isn't the case. I do it simply because I feel as though our friendship has reached the point as to when I see them as family (of course I don't do that right off the bat, i'm not mentally ill) and it is a known phenomenon across the world that when it comes to family they tend to dis and pick on each other the most because they know each other so well that they have no doubt in their mind that it's all just love. Besides that I see myself as a comedian considering how I was the class clown in and outside of school throughout all my years of elementary and highschool and of course through the years my jokes have developed so there is no need to worry about me telling a childish joke or just expecting to make people laugh by saying a goofy word like poopy. Anything else besides what I have mentioned would probably be that I love me some puns and see myself as quite the gentleman.
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ZF Recruitment
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