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 recruitment Zero Fucks Clan

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PostSubject: recruitment Zero Fucks Clan   Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:12 am

Name: zach

Age; 17

Sex: male

How often exactly: almost every day

Where do you live: United States Of America

Do you have Teamspeak3 and a Mic: yes

Why do you want to join ZF: Honestly, I got really bored one day and was scrolling through a bunch of gaming clans and this one just kinda stuck out. I'm kinda just looking for a bunch of people i can game and joke around with.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: I'm an e-3 in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and I shoot guns... so yea. I mean shit you haven't even met me xD
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recruitment Zero Fucks Clan
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