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 ZF Application

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PostSubject: ZF Application   Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:13 am

Teun, It's Dutch don't even try and pronounce it.


Mostly mastrubation, sometimes with my girlfriend.

How often exactly:
Whenever I'm not in the shithole lovely place they call the barracks. (For the girlfriend part that is)

Where do you live:
The Netherlands, or Holland if you like to refer to it like that. Which would make you a cunt

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic:

Why do you want to join ZF:
I have been trying to find a fun community of people to play some ARMA 3 and other games with after my last gaming community died out. Figured I try it here as you lot seem rather laidback. Not here to do any hero worshipping of sovjet and such.

I play ARMA 3 in real life as a job, except for all the shooting and fighting and murdering of civilians. But hey sitting arround in the barracks can be badass too if you look at it in the right way.

Anyhow hope to hear from you fucks about getting in or not.
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ZF Application
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