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 a Dane which gives zero fucks about anything

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PostSubject: a Dane which gives zero fucks about anything   Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:15 pm

Name Conrad Aistrup (Steam name Daernald da Duckie)

Age: 13 (don't hate, but then again you guys give zero fucks about anything)

Sex: Male

How often? : If it's about playing videogames then I do it every day. If it is about some other stuff then Wink

Where do you live? : I live in the most boring country that is to ever exist. Denmark!!!!! (DEEP DEPRESSION)

Do you have Teamspeak and mic? : YE

Why do you want to join ZF? : you guys seem like a nice bunch of people. And with that, i mean that everybody is fucking hilarious(gotta love Cyanide and Womble) i want somebody which plays good games and also don't give a fuck about anybody else.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?! : why should i give a fuck about this ?
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a Dane which gives zero fucks about anything
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