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 No name given in the Title...

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PostSubject: No name given in the Title...   Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:00 pm

The Application of a German... (yes german....)

My dear name is Thorben my holy lords of zero fucks .... ( ye not given a zero fuck)

I am 19 years young but anyways the age doesnt mean a thing ( Zero fucks)

How often exactly:
2-10 Times a Day mostly at 1 Am, 3 Am, 7, Am ~ 12 Pm .... i dont freeking know

Where do you live:
In a small Fridge named Germany...

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic:
I do have TeamSpeak and a Mic...

Why do you want to join ZF:
The holy lord talked to me in my dream yesterday... he said "Go join ZF they're like you my dear Thorben, ZERO FUCKS, Z = Zen, E = Ejacuation, R = Rubbish, O = OutsidersOfTheHumanRace, F = Fag, U = Untalented, K = KingOfNoobs, S = SellingCyanidesPringles, you may be like them but remember just one thing!! Dont ever Ducktape Cyanides Pringles again.... .  So i thought... lets give it a try, to proof myself and  to get a life full of Zero Fucks...
No question, one day i opened a Marmalade Glass with my bear hands...

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No name given in the Title...
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