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 Im coming in! ....thats what i told her :P - Application

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PostSubject: Im coming in! ....thats what i told her :P - Application   Mon May 29, 2017 5:37 am

Name - Shubhankar kakade ( names to me Gurrila..we aint got time to monkey around Razz )

Age - 18 as of 12 March 2017 so its legal dw xD

How often exactly (?) - All day everyday....twice on Sunday

Where i whack it..i mean live.. - India,with regards

Teamspeak and Mic - Yes and Yes

Discord (throwing it in there just in case) - Gurrila#8916

Why i wanna join - seems like a good lot of motherfuckers to know enjoy gaming with Very Happy

I'm i badass enough - am i? .....take a wild guess bro! ...wait and watch Smile

P.S ...went full out on the entry ..sry if its kinda too much ...cheers! Smile
..also starting DayZ ....could use a group a can annoy as noob :p
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Im coming in! ....thats what i told her :P - Application
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