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 The wolf go out and want be social....

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PostSubject: The wolf go out and want be social....   Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:17 pm

Name: Lupercal Imperatus or Luper, is more easy to say.

Age: 666, no really I have 16,5 years old,  but I m not a dum kind^^.

Sex: I think I m a  male when I see what I have between m'y legs.

What I have to often exactly ?  My  frensch skill and m'y frensch humor.

Where I live: I live in Paris, the city where you can see baguette and drink some god wine.

If I have teamspeak and a mic : yes and yes.

Why do you want Zf ? I want join this group because I want exerce m'y english, meet people from the world, hear Cyanide rage, and play with funny and nice guy. I m not interresed by compétition,  I prefer play for the  fun and kick some ass^^.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: Yes, sure I m badass, I have thé power of baguette with me!! I can drink Five glass and vodka and no die!!
And when I play , I become Rambo ! !
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The wolf go out and want be social....
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