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 I'm Irish, I wanna die, nothing more said

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Mythical ****


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PostSubject: I'm Irish, I wanna die, nothing more said   Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:16 am

name? Myth/cunt/Sexual Autistic/Weeaboo trash/ect

age? 22

Sex? one finger+one ass hole=a LOT of time to myself

How often? Ha! that's funny

where do i live? in Soviet's shower

do i have the shit you were talking about? ye

why do i wanna join? Because I finished game of thrones and got nothing better to do.

Am i bad ass enough? I've always dream of getting a job at the hospital telling families their love ones died, probably badass enough since i'd record it and post it on pornhub.
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I'm Irish, I wanna die, nothing more said
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