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 Hey look, the chances are low right? So its worth a shot

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PostSubject: Hey look, the chances are low right? So its worth a shot   Tue Jan 24, 2017 6:06 am

Hi there. SpinyGecko also known as Hamish here.

18 year old male looking for a group of people to join that isn't just a group of annoying children (well, not in body anyway, though possibly in spirit).

Available most times, except for the obligatory few hours per day for sleeping, eating and screaming into a pillow when I screw up yet another 1v1 on Train. (But seriously, when has skill ever mattered).

From the UK which means I have an accent that is very sexy right up until the point that you actually hear it.

Yes I have teamspeak and a mic, and I actually use them too.

Wanting to join is more for your benefit, you haven't really seen someone lose you an entire Arma 3 scenario until you've seen me do it. In all seriousness, grouping up for some of the games I play is incredibly difficult and being part of a community with a vague sense of communication could be to our mutual advantage (though I've never been able to test this properly).

Am I badass enough? Probably not no, my major time is spent playing videogames in my room. Oh wait! That's the point! In which case, I once brushed my teeth then drank orange juice. Where do I sign right?
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Hey look, the chances are low right? So its worth a shot
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