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 Baguettes and Fromage

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PostSubject: Baguettes and Fromage   Tue Jan 17, 2017 9:21 am

Well hello there !

If you read the title you'll be able to understand that I'm French (Oh no a frenchfag shoot him god uuuh). So yeah my name is Benjamin HENRY (yeah fuck my name, just call me Ben or FrogEater or Piuuf or idk)
I'm getting on my twenties on june, so basically yeah i'm young for this clan (*cough* Cramps *cough*)

Were do I live ? In a shithole named Mouroux located near Paris (1h car trip)

Sex : 3 cm long for 42 cm diameter (yeah it's a tuna can)

How often : well it's a bit hard to find tuna in the middle of France so not much.

Do you have TeamSpeak and a mic : Of course.

badass : Destroyed an APC with an RPG-42, 1km distance.

That all folks !
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Baguettes and Fromage
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