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 Possibly new incomer

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PostSubject: Possibly new incomer   Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:16 am

Hello folks, my name is Pedro and IM A GUY!
I would love to fuk you all, i mean join the team ZF!

Im 23, actually did a week ago, happy birthday to me yeeeyy, im from Portugal and i live in my basement.
I dont do sex, after marriage i will.
I have teamspeak and another shit and yes i have a microphone, the very best of the market!

I want to join ZF team cause, well my life sucks and i would love to have some happiness in my life, the truth is, i loved ur videos on youtube and it make me laugh single one of them. I want to have babies with you guys <3

If im badass enough? Ask me when u are in 4
Thanks for reading, Pedro.
Kiss kiss bang bang
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Possibly new incomer
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