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 Would be cool to join you for some bullshittery

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PostSubject: Would be cool to join you for some bullshittery   Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:48 pm

Name: EvilRO (AKA Loosey "The Gentleman" Botoxious)

Age; 34

Sex: If your offering (Male)

How often exactly: Depends how many times a week I can squeeze you in... (Each day I check I'm still male)

Where do you live: Scotland

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic: Yes and Yes.

Why do you want to join ZF: Been looking for a bunch of like minded messed up crazy people who have escaped the loony bin to play dayz, H1Z1, Arma 3 ect ect ect (got them all in my mad Pokemon style) and similar games, Would be also cool to add to the madness you already have going on there.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: Im Scottish, im a harden Crim..... errrr wait ... Im a Hardened SAS warrior. AKA IT guy with a few screws loose lost in his disillusion of grandeur or to answer in a more direct manner... Yes, or wait No.. maybe who the fuck knows is there a scale we can use like 1 to 11? *Brain explodes*
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Would be cool to join you for some bullshittery
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