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 join zf? .

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PostSubject: join zf? .   Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:25 pm

..i forgot to keep the post by pheonix open, fuck it i'll free ball it

20, male, england, posh sounding as fuck aparently, reason for joining i guess is i can finally go on steam games as just build own pc. i've played csgo before on my shitty laptop but my god the frames, i swear i could count them myself somedays

i work monday to friday but get a couple early finishes and off every weekend, my sense of humor does get a little dark sometimes but i'll be supprised if yous care about that

idk wha the fuck else to put, feels like im writing a new tinder profile but, yknow, not lying my ass off, weird thing to be doing..

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join zf? .
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