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 Can i get a YES PLEASE (ZF Application)

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PostSubject: Can i get a YES PLEASE (ZF Application)   Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:48 pm


Age:13 (Not a squeaker)


How often:This juicy melon is under age for that shiz

Place of thy living:California,USA

Do I have Teamspeak and Mic: Yes i do

Why do i want to join ZF: I want to join ZF because it sounds like a place where i can fit in with people like you and have fun I am not triggered so easily plus i love jokes, a good laugh,making people laugh,making shitty jokes and good ones sometimes, and most of all I love to have fun with people and video games.

Am I a badass: whats more bad ass than a half Asian naming him self after a fruit stereotyped with black people but i can seriously be a badass

(please consider this I have always dreamed of joining ZF and having fun with you guys)
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Can i get a YES PLEASE (ZF Application)
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