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 Only Assholes Allowed To Read

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PostSubject: Only Assholes Allowed To Read   Thu Nov 17, 2016 1:02 am

Hello, fellow Asshole! I would like to join this clan, if at all possible.

Name: Brent Archer (You can call me Trident, or Archer, or anything else you want to call me... except cunt.)

Age; 21

Sex: Male

How often exactly: Its sporadic, like me and my girlfriend do the dirty like 5 times a week then not for 2 weeks then back on... I know right?

Where do you live: New York, upstate near Canada. I'm basically Canadian.

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic: Yes I have teamspeak and a mic.

Why do you want to join ZF: You guys seem like a fun bunch of guys to play some games with, I've been playing ARMA3 and Dayz, among other games, for a long while by myself and have been fucking BORED of playing by myself. So yea, mostly with the idea of actually having fun with other individuals. Also, I seem to get the idea that you guys actually do somewhat planned things from timed to time other than just dicking off solo in games like Dayz and ARMA3, and would want to take part in those kinds of things, because they seem like alot more fun than, to quote a guy in ARMA3, "Guys (8 people), we have an important mission, we need to take the military base, 2 teams go in from all directions, we need all vehicles and all guns, make sure your armored for anything, there could be plenty of guys there for all we know..." It was a server with just the 8 of us... fun. But yea you guys seem fun and I'd love to be a part of that fun if you'd have me.

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: Sure. That a hard question though, if you want me to be badass give me a tank (or permission into the clan). If your asking if I'm skilled enough for this clan, then yes I believe I mostly am... I will seem pretty noobish because I still haven't memorized the Dayz map, (OH SHIT FUCKING NOOB CUNT) but yea I'm pretty decent when it comes to firefights and survival in dayz and ARMA3. Other games that you'd want me to play, I would love to play, even if it costs money, I have the money to buy new games and whatnot. Oh and I'll give you a free Steam game of your choice under 30$ if you let me into the clan... Bribery I know, sue me. Oh and if you say no then fuck you.
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Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Re: Only Assholes Allowed To Read   Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:57 am

Oh on a side note I love to play games, like any time of games. Best at RTS if you were wondering....
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Only Assholes Allowed To Read
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