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 Momma always said I wasn't giving enough fucks

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PostSubject: Momma always said I wasn't giving enough fucks   Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:34 pm

Note: I just saw this was for Killzone. Please ignore, as I do not own the game. If this is for plain joining =ZF=, read on.

Name: Addison (My username on games is NearlyDedicated, and most of my interwebs friends call me Nearly)
Age: 17 going on 71
Sex: Male, although Harpwner53 (one of your newest members) will often tease otherwise
How Often Exactly: Depends on the mood...oh, you mean how often I'm on my computer? Hehe...(usually daily/every other day)
Location: Land of the Fees, Home of the Raves (USA)
Do I have TeamSpeak / Mic: Yes, but sometimes I'm sure a few of my friends wish I didn't

Why do I wanna join =ZF=?

Am I badass enough? My ass is so bad, it's ridic.
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Momma always said I wasn't giving enough fucks
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