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 Beware of Old Men with Large Arsenals.

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PostSubject: Beware of Old Men with Large Arsenals.    Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:07 pm

Name: Mad-Hamlet

Age: 42

Sex: Often

How often exactly: I use Pornhub as a checklist. (Did that, did that, oh that's- no, wait that was Thursday)

Where do you live: An American living abroad in Hungary.

Do you have Teamspeak and a Mic: I've been gaming since the original 'Pong'. I've still got the alternative audio files for Age of Empires so we could fuck around over ICQ. So...yes.

Why do you want to join ZF: Honestly? I've been around; there are clans that are too focused and fun gives way to, in my mind, unreasonable levels of dedication. There are clans, guilds, etc, that are 'fun' but have no sense of organization so nothing gets done. Yours strikes me as possibly balanced. Yes, I'm not young as I was, but the ideal situation is one where there's something in mind among the group but it's acceptable to slip in and out time permitting. (Yes, I know how that could also be inferred. Shut up.)

ARE YOU BADASS ENOUGH?: Yes. (What? You were expecting a humorous or hyperbolic response? Okay, we can do that.)

Let's see.. ah. I've gone up to a crowd of Trump supporters, called them to their faces an ensemble of knuck-dragging, misanthropic, genetic and cultural throw backs who upon witnessing their achievements have convinced me that a License to Breed is a viable change in law enforcement.
It's not THAT badass, sadly. The big words left them confused so I just shouted very loudly that Football meant kicking the ball with the feet and the Europeans had had it right the entire time.

That was when I started running.
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Beware of Old Men with Large Arsenals.
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