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 How to: properly fuck up an application

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PostSubject: How to: properly fuck up an application   Sat Jan 02, 2016 2:54 pm

Hai ZF, loot at dis application pleas!!!!!12415

Name: DeV4der or David for rl purposes

Age: 25

Why do I copy dat stuff? BORING!
You dont want to read about that, do you? We're here for Loot, pecs and EXPLOSIONS!!!
I only have one Question! EXPLOSION?!!!! (PEW BOOM CRASH BLAARH!)
So, here I am, the most badassest badass in the badass history of badassesnes. And I am here to make you take me!! (not literally, but y'know, in the clan n' stuff)
This is not an application. This is the beginning of the most awesome tale man will ever tell or sing about. Men want me and Women want to be like me... wait a sec, did I mess that up somewhat?
Anyway, I, the mighty David, 25 awesome years young, born to be THE GAMER! want to join this Clan, because REASONS! And I am here because of...... drum roll please..... Cyanide and Gambit :>
Na, just kiddin, surry guys. Im here cause I want to have fun with guys like you, cause you got the same shitty humor and playstyle like I do.

Just for the record: Sex: Male, as you hopefully figured out by my Name. I hope. Maybe? damn!
How often? Well, it depends.
Teamspeak? Yeah, of course, so everyone can hear my beautiful voice of sexiness. And yes, this implies a microphone, too.
Why do I want to join ZF? REASONS! (again)
Am I badass enough? Well, you seem to not have read this fairytale of badassery, because you wouldn't ask this question otherwise. I was born badass, I even was badass enough in my dads balls, cause I fucked all the other white thingys and got to the finish line.
I am badass, I will be badass, I'll die badass and Mankind will tell tales about my badassery badassesnes and no one EVA! will be as badass as I am and will be and idonknow. So, that about sums up my small application for you guys.

And if this awesome history of my existence hasnt convinced you yet, I got nudie pics :3

In Love. David
aka DeV4der
aka Mr Torgue
aka Squidward
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How to: properly fuck up an application
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